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Via Pandolfini, 13 r - Florence (Italy) - Phone ++/39/055 - 23 40 307

Open all days

For reservation send us an e-mail 24 h before at:

Don't be dismayed by name - an american burger never tasted so good.
Let's go - "Italy 2000"

Looks a bit like a fast food place with it's green metal chairs but employs a french cook who creates marvellous crepes, among other things. Inexpensive.
The rough guide - "Tuscany and Umbria 2000"

Does not sound promising, but inside is an immensely popular place for pizza, pasta and perhaps best of all, their "insalatoni" (huge salads) one of the latter makes a meal in itself.
Lonely planet - "Tuscany 2000"

Unfortunately it is true: in the opinion of our clients this place has a large problem, calling itself 'Danny Rock'. Excuse us?
It was inherited from the year in which we commenced (in 1985), it is our name (and we are fond of it) and finally we think it is the appropriate name for a place like ours: a place that we would not permit to be called "osteria" or "trattoria" and we don't force upon our clients wooden tables in which you stand only after entree - first course - second course - dessert - coffee.
"Danny Rock" must be, we are proud to assert that "it is" a place where you can stand at the bar with our drinks, view the screen satellite and listen to our selective music.
Otherwise you can sit at the bar counter stools at watch "the creepiere" Laurent cooking up his creations.
Or finally you can sit at the table (also outside dining) and choose from 130 choices on our menu divided into 12 sections, selecting what you want and the succession that you want.
However, we feel that for a place like this "Danny Rock" is the appropriate name.

A selection of 12 styles of cooking, in many of these we feel we are able to declare to be the first in Florence, in some dishes we are the most unique and in various others the best.
Our salads, our burgers (the Mexican with Guacamole), our Indian rice Basmati, our sweet crepes and savoury accompanied by cider from Britain, our baked potatoes, these are a few plates in which our customers know to come and taste from us.
Naturally we also cook Italian style including pizza, gnocchi, calzoni and spaghetti, we know that the quality of the ingredients is the cure of the preparation, if we continue like this our problem will always be only one single thing: the name.

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