Ristorante Natalino, 17/r Borgo Albizi Florence - Italy Phone ++/39/055/289404
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In the old district of Santa Croce, the former church of San Piero Maggiore hosts the Restaurant Natalino, well known all over the world for its grilled fish and meat specialties.

The Restaurant Natalino has been there for 120 years, in the deconsacrated church whose ancient capitels and frescoes can be seen.

At the Restaurant Natalino you can have the feeling to be in one of the best restaurants in Florence,and taste dishes from the Tuscany kitchen.

On the central wall there is a large fresco showing the Florentine country-side and a long table where the owners who first decided to manage the restaurant the moderne way are sitting with those who conceived the fresco.

On the right, you can see Natalino, the host, standing, and the great master Pietro Annigoni, sitting with his back turned to you, while on the left there is the chef who is also father of Romano Stefanelli, the author of the fresco...